The Story of Jubilee Provisions

Jubilee Provisions is located at the beautiful Heartseed Farm, Nictaux, NS. Home to Annapolis Seeds (Decade old Heirloom Seed Saving Business) and our own supply farm called Ants ‚Äčand Grasshoppers.

I operate Ants and Grasshoppers' Vegetable delivery box during 22 weeks of the summer and focus more on the value-added products/catering in the fall, winter and spring.

Jubilee refers to the biblical injunction to rest on the 50th year, celebrate your work, share your harvest with others and to free your community of all debts.

I first learned about the concept of a Jubilee from the Strike Debt campaign called Rolling Jubilee..

Read more about this campaign to collectively buy up debt in order to cancel it for each other here.

What guides Jubilee Provisions?

This enterprise intends to remediate soil and culture by connecting more people to the land through the food we eat.

Jubilee Provisions is guided by the Leap Manifesto and its tenets. The manifesto calls for a healing of Canada's colonial past through a green future and an end to unsustainable exploitation. To read more about the Leap Manifest click here.

I started cooking for crowds in my mom's kitchen when I was a pre-teen, but my meals were always running late. Thanks to my mom I learned how to have supper ready on time. When I went to university I moved into a collective house with friends and soon started cooking meals for crowds on a regular basis. My passion was born!

Since then I've helped to organize and cook for 2 different campus food cooperatives, worked at a variety of restaurants and catered a diversity of events.

I've also worked distributing local health food from small-scale producers to corner stores and cafes. On the side I biked burritos by night all around Halifax each week.

These experiences as well as caring about and working on food justice issues for almost a decade help me bring passion and thoughtfulness to the way I cook. I love social occasions and try to work that in to the flavours and presentations I offer.

Now I live on a farm and when the farm season is mostly done for the year I offer up my harvest in the form of catered meals and value-added preserves.

Please consider supporting my work by having me cater your event, provide your home with flavourful preserves or become a subscriber to my summertime Community Supported Agriculture delivery service.