The following are some examples of menus I've used in the past while catering events and cooking for a restaurant but some recipes are just crowd pleasers.

My friend and co-cook, Dairine, has also contributed some of her favourite recipes, both from her work in restaurants (currently at Ratinaud French Cuisine) and at home.

Feel free to pair dishes with your choice of drinks or pre-order with us.


Jubilee Provisions makes every effort to preserve the land, animals and eco-systems that allow for our beautiful food.

All the produce from our gardens are no-spray and most of the farmer friends who supply us don't spray their crops either.

Organic Agriculture and heirloom seeds grow much of our food and we hope for more ecological sourcing as we become established.

For more info please visit the about section.

Dietary Requests

I specialize in vegan, gluten-free and healthy cooking but I'm also a friend of butter, bread and beer.

The following menu can be substituted for any dietary requirements.

The cost is dependent on availability of supplies, labour involved in the process and types of ingredients.

Please call or email and we can work on a menu to get excited about.


Huevos Rancheros

2 sunny eggs w home-made

corn tortillas, refried beans, salsa

and side salad

Local Grains
Weekend Pancakes

with sweet and savoury toppings &

in-season fruit

Eggs, Any Style

served w home-made toast
& maple Beans

Home-made Granola

w Oatmeal

local dehydrated fruit, nuts,

seeds and whole oats topped

with maple syrup and your choice of dairy


a flavourful, healthy and filling

smoothy w local fruit and nutrition



with local potatoes, greens, veggies, 

cheese and caramelized onions


Farm Fruit Yogurt Parfait

local fruit, yogurt and home-made granola

Apple Crisp

classic Crumble with a nut, fruit and grain mix

Coco-Chai Oatmeal-Raisin 


sweet with a smokey flavour

Mini Rum Cider

Crème Brulee,

need we say more?


coffee brewed fresh using quality beans,

a selection of teas, some using herbs from

the farm.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie

a wholesome pie served a la mode or on

its own.


Good Food Fishcake

classic fishcakes with

home-made batter and fres​h

cod. served with salad, warm corn

tortillas and chow

Inauthentically Authentic


all-dressed burrito with spiced long grain rice, pico de gallo salsa, homemade bean mix, cilantro, fresh leafy greens. sprouts,

lime guac and hot sauce. comes with

balkan yogurt and cheese or not.

Garden Salads

seasonally crafted using a tangy 

vinaigrette. comes with home-made


Diner Sandwich

deli sandwiches prepared fresh for 


Banh Mi Sub

subs with grilled lemon grass tofu

(or chicken), ginger mayo, shredded


cucumber, pickled radish

and coriander

Miso Soup

a hearty and healthy bowl made

with tofu or chicken


Chacuterie & Cheese


beef tartar, local cured meats,

blue cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese. inquire about vegetarian and vegan options.

Carmelized Onion

Hummus w 

Veggie Platter

served with local veggie platter and fresh bread or crackers

Fresh Corn Tortillas with

Home-made Salsa 

 and Refried Bean Dip

tangy, spicy, crunchy.


loaded with vegetables, grilled 

mushrooms and layered with local cheese. served with home-made 

salsa and tangy sour cream

Preserve Dip w

Local Veggie Platter

choose from a selection of sweet

and savoury dips for light snacking

Home-made Herb

Crackers and Local Cheese

a great snack for crowds and paired with drinks